Our Beliefs

Our mission is to Simplify Work.

We believe there should be no more hardcopy paper documents and forms stored in file cabinets, boxes, storage rooms, tucked away in and under desks, or used as paper airplanes. (OK fine paper airplanes are still cool!)

Furthermore, and more importantly, we believe it is senseless to route around paper, or even PDFs, or email documents, forms, invoices, and cases for reviews and approvals. (There is easy to use software that automates those tasks, and it’s available for you to harness today, people!)

We believe many businesses fail for two reasons when going forward with document management projects. Commonly, business decision makers buy a document management system, but fail to account for all labor, time, cost and QC (Quality Control) involved with populating both the backlog, and the day-forward documents and content. Just as typically, companies will hire a scanning company to scan documents, but put them as PDFs on the server as opposed to a secure, searchable, compliant document management software.

We offer the most complete yet flexible combination of document automation products and services providing our clients return on their investment from day one.

We insure everything we do with a 100% money-back guarantee, and after 46 years of business, we remain the only document management company in Los Angeles who does so.

We believe the best way to maintain a relationship with our customers is not by tricky contract language, or long term contracts, but rather, by delighting them. Our first Core Value is Customer Delight and it is our guiding light.


American MicroImaging, Inc. (AMI) was founded as a microfilm service bureau in 1968. Under the name of American Micrographics Co., LTD the company grew over the years, hand-in-hand with technological advances to meet customer demands.

Below is a picture of our original logo, hand drawn by our founder, George Bandarian Sr. During the 1960’s Mr. Bandarian was working as a microfilm sales and service technician for Kodak helping companies go paperless – back when paperless was microfilming a room full of documents to save time, money and space. It seems archaic now, but our mission has not changed.